Lawyers for Your Life, and After

Lawyers are expensive.  Not everyone can afford to pay an attorney to handle every aspect of resolving a legal dispute, nor is one always necessary.  If you are a well-spoken person who is comfortable speaking in front of people you might be able to handle those duties yourself and save a lot of money.  Or maybe paying a lawyer would cost more than the suit itself, and so paying a lawyer is not a financially sound decision.  If you fall into one or both of those categories, Limited Scope Representation may be the best route for you, and Tony can still help you along the way.  

Essentially, Tony will be your right hand man all along the way, assisting you with your case and explaining the rules you will need to follow and advising you on evidentiary and strategic matters.  So, his role is limited to a certain portion (scope) of the litigation. 

This limited representation arrangement will be set down in writing so that we each know what our roles are and when the Firm's participation ends.  With this type of relationship you have a lawyer standing by to help at a moments notice and you are given same attention and access that every other client receives.