Sometimes we run into conflict with other people that we just cannot seem to work out by talking. Most people think that when the fails it is time to talk to a lawyer and that is not correct.  People should consult a lawyer for advice on what the law is in a particular situation, because the law is not intuitive and very often if VERY different from what people expect.  Talk to a lawyer at the beginning of the dispute to put yourself in a strong position by knowing what the law is and how the case is likely to progress. This puts a person in the best negotiating position.  Knowledge really is power.

Family Law

Family law is more than just divorce, but divorce is the primary type of case in family law.  Other aspects involve grandparent custody/visitation, guardianships and adoptions.  Tony can handle any of these matters for you.

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Civil Litigation -- Disputes between People

Work injuries are covered by Indiana's Workers Compensation Act and are an entirely different animal than a non-work injury (car wreck, slip and fall, ect.), and should be handled by an experienced work injury attorney.  Tony worked at the Indiana Workers Compensation Board as the Director of Compliance and is well versed in work injuries.  Sometimes a third party (someone who is not your employer) is responsible for an injury, even when you are at work. That person would be sued separate from your employer, and the two cases will dovetail. It is much better to have one lawyer working on both cases simultaneously than having two lawyers at cross purposes.

After life planning is called "estate planning." But an estate plan is more than just making sure your assets go to the people you want to have them after your death. People need a plan for making healthcare decisions when and if a person becomes unable to make those decisions for him/herself, as well as determining who should handle your finances and assets if you are temporarily or permanently unable to make those decisions for ones self. The vast majority of people need a what is a rather simple plan for these things and a general practitioner can easily handle them, just like your primary care physician handles your run of the mill health issues. If a specialist is needed, your general practitioner will send you to someone who is an expert in complicated matters.

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